Precision Spindle Repair Services

Picture2Since 1946 our technicians have excelled in the unique specialty of re-manufacturing super-precision machine tool spindles. Our goal is to rebuild your precision spindle to meet or exceed OEM specifications and performance.

The key to our success is the experience of our technicians, our dedication to quality workmanship, and our determination to meet our customers needs and expectations.

Precision high speed spindles are found on most CNC and conventional machine tools today. They are the critical integral component responsible for the accuracy and repeat-ability of your machine tool. You might say they are the “heart” of the machine. Proper function and performance of the spindle is paramount to your machines ability to produce products to exacting specifications and tolerances.


Upon receiving your precision spindle, we will disassemble, document, clean and inspect the assembly paying careful attention to determine the cause of failure. This procedure is always performed free of charge. You will then receive a quote detailing the cost and lead time to complete necessary repairs. We never proceed with repairs until we receive your written approval.

Southern Precision does not “slap bearings” into precision spindles. We pay close attention to spindle shafts, housings, internal and external tapers and related components as well as the bearings to ensure a thorough re-manufacture of the spindle is achieved.

precision-spindle-3Once approval is received, the required repair processes are performed. After repairs are complete and the spindle is reassembled, we perform full spectrum vibration analysis to insure acceptable limits of acceleration, velocity and displacement.

All repaired spindles are “run in” to insure proper performance at their designated operating RPM. Once the spindle is tested to meet all specifications and criteria, they are carefully crated for maximum protection and are ready for shipment.


In many instances, machines may be used for processes other than their designed capabilities. Our engineers can make suggestions in these cases to maximize spindle performance and reduce failure rates. In our many years of experience, we have also identified specific weaknesses and or engineering flaws in some OEM manufacturer designs and have developed proven methods and procedures to correct them.