Precision Spindle Repair – Keeping the Industry Moving – Part Two

Once the spindle is inspected, catalogued and evaluated, the precision spindle repair can begin. The spindle repair may happen in a broad variety of steps but they mainly include bearing replacement, machining, grinding, and hard chroming. These are all imperative in the repair process and will help the machine run efficiently.

The Grinding Process

This process includes the use of a grinding tool and is used to change the surface of the spindle. This will typically take place after hard chroming. This process will help to change the dimensions of the spindle back to its original setting. Over time, the spindle will get rough edges and have trouble fitting into the area. With grinding, it will make the spindle like new again. This will help the company not have to purchase completely new spindles.

The Hard Chroming Process

Hard chroming is used to build the spindle back up to its former state. Hard chroming will build the surface on the spindle so that it fits and works properly. Parts that are typically hard chromed include the housing, main shaft and the bearing. Restoring a spindle through hard chroming will help the manufacturer save money and time.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is done on many different machine tools including hydraulics, drive motors, wheel head spindles and work head spindles. This process can determine many different issues that could be causing a potential problem.

Balance Control

For large machines, it can be more difficult to correct the problem. With balance control, coolant fluid is released into either a three or four chambered tank. This will not allow the wheels to contact. This prevents wear and tear and helps to ensure the longevity of the spindle.

Acoustic Control

In some cases a spindle may be causing issues but you may not know it. With acoustic control, the technician can monitor sound waves and can hear even the slightest sound problems within the machine. Normally this would not be detected by the human ear. The tech will record and map out the sound waves. The technician will them be able to find even the smallest of problems and correct it.

Rebuilding and Testing

Once the problem has been found, your technician will start the precision spindle repair. After the repair, your spindle will be tested to ensure functionality.

Spindle repair is one of the most important repairs that machines will need. Finding a quality tech that knows what they are doing is important. Many technicians will set you up for inspections which will help you to avoid repairs and help you address potential problems quickly. Spindle repairs will help you to increase functionality of your machines and to ensure that productivity does not go down. As a machine owner, your number one priority is your machines and to make sure that they are in proper working order. Be sure to hire a professional to do all of your precision spindle repairs today, one faulty spindle could end with dire effects to your business.

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