Precision Ball Screw Repair

Picture1Our expert ball screw technicians boast 30 years experience in all aspects of precision ball screw repair. The ball screw is responsible for the accuracy and repeatability of your machine tool. Our experts can rebuild your ball screw assembly to like new condition and ensure it meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Southern Precision’s expert machine tool service technicians can remove your problem ball screw as well as reinstall your newly refurbished assembly.

Ball screws are a precision bearing that convert rotary motion into linear travel. They are a critical component responsible for the accuracy and repeatability of your machinery. Maintaining and servicing your ball screws at regular intervals or at the first symptom of an accuracy issue can reduce down time and save you thousands of dollars.

As such, ball screw repair must be performed by experienced professionals who understand the design, engineering and operation of these components. Our technicians have the expertise to perform root cause failure analysis and in many cases can provide answers as to why your failure occurred and provide suggestions to prevent future failures.


Settle For Nothing Less Than 100% Professional Ball Screw Installation


The life span of your precision ball screw, repaired or new replacement, depends heavily on proper installation. Support bearing replacement and proper alignment are critical to the overall performance and longevity of your ball screw and related components.

If your maintenance team is skilled in the installment procedures, feel free to perform the installation. If they are not however, we have expert installers that can have you up and running in no time.


Insist on The Best of the Best for Your Ball Screw Repair Needs


Ball screw repair is a science and requires the knowledge and understanding of bearing technology. When properly executed, a repaired ball screw can provide years of additional service life. Our technicians, with over 30 years of experience, can repair your ball screw correctly and insure your machining accuracy.


In an Emergency, Don't Try to Fix it Yourself


Ball screw repairAs customer service professionals, we understand the urgency when your machine is down. Our technicians can perform an emergency repair on your ball screw within 24 hours in most cases. We know how important keeping you informed and up to date on the status of your ball screw is.

Southern Precision will keep you up to speed with status emails or calls during the repair procedure. Emergency repairs are always intended to temporarily get your machine up and holding tolerances until a replacement can be manufactured or found. Emergency repairs are never warrantied due to condition or time restraints.

Even in an emergency situation, only trust the technical professionals at Southern Precision Industrial with your repair.